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giving backSynergy is very proud to have been honored in March 2009 Launch Notes as an exemplar of “Women Giving Back.”

 Synergy will be featured among women-owned corporations who value both excellence in their products and service, and corporate social responsibility.


Thank you, Launch Notes, for the honor! Listen here for full interview.



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TRUST: EssentialAmerican consumers and stakeholders find reasons to distrust business, political, and civic leaders every time they tune into CNN or other news outlets.

However, there’s been an unintended consequence: The diminishment of integrity in leaders has given voice to the presence of integrity in the rest of us!

Despite the global financial challenges that we face, there are reasons for optimism.

SynergyBlog is pleased that trust in leadership and trust in each other is becoming an integral part of the daily business discourse.

Today, like so many other days, I witnessed incredible sensitivity, tremendous integrity, and a spirit of giving we never hear about in the news… all in the context of commerce.

I witnessed corporations interested in sustainable practices; companies really interested in consumer needs and desires; organizations interested in the bottom line – and so much more. These virtues all demonstrated by business and civic leaders!

When we look around, it’s easy to point out the violations of trust – they’re everywhere. Perhaps we should sometimes do the harder thing and pay attention when colleagues, leaders, and everyday people do the right thing.

There’s a great peice on brand trust in Forbes by leadership guru Ken Blanchard and author and consultant Terry Waghorn that speaks to this. See the full article here:

How do you keep people trusting you at a time like this? Trust is essential in our lives, and it has been since the beginning of our country. Our dollar bills say In God We Trust. Yet today trust is all but vanishing, especially trust in our business leaders, whose greed and short-term selfishness seem to have been a major cause of our economic crisis. With negativity running amok, it is no small wonder that trust within the organizational context is slipping.

Yet that need not be the case. “Managed properly, trust can actually grow in such adverse conditions,” says Shawna O’Grady, associate professor of management at Queens School of Business, in Kingston, Ontario. “Taking this point to the extreme, consider the bonds forged between comrades-in-arms in a theater of war.”

The key to building trust in both good and bad times is to realize that none of us is as smart as all of us. There are companies that have embraced this simple truth and used it to maintain trust before, during and, we’re sure, after this economic downturn. All these companies seem to have two characteristics in common. (more…)

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strong-brand in weak economyLet’s get the bad news over with: To say that the U.S. economy is facing the most challenging economic time since the Great Depression is not an overstatement. Last week, employers shed almost 600,000 jobs. Today, 11.6 million Americans are out of work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has officially risen to 7.6%.

“This is the largest 13-month job loss since the payroll employment series began in 1939,” Christina Romer, the head of President Obama’s White House Council of Economic Advisers, said in a statement on February 6, 2009. “These numbers, and the very real suffering of American workers they represent, reinforce the need for bold fiscal action. If we fail to act, we are likely to lose millions more jobs and the unemployment rate could reach double digits.”

So, what’s the good news, you say? Given these data, how do business, political, and nonprofit leaders reignite confidence in their ability to lead? How do they exemplify brand integrity, and any good will their organization may have? Is such a thing even possible, given current levels of consumer confidence and general economic malaise? (more…)

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Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research, Inc., an award-winning Ohio-based marketing strategy and research firm is proud to announce their MBE, WBE, and DBE certification through the State of Ohio. By receiving this certification, Synergy expands business opportunities with Ohio universities, municipalities, and other organizations. This accreditation also provides opportunity to serve surrounding state government agencies, including Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana.
“Synergy is honored receive its MBE, WBE, and DBE certifications. It is a great opportunity to expand our brand as the only minority-owned marketing research focus group facility, and research design firm in northeast Ohio,” says Rachel Daniel, CEO and Chief Stakeholder Experience Officer of Synergy. “Our goal is to continue to design and implement excellent marketing strategy and research projects for our clients, both in Ohio and nationally. We are excited to educate our partners in corporate and government organizations about the importance of increasing stakeholder trust, awareness, and loyalty in these difficult economic times. We believe there is an attractive opportunity for these organizations to increase efficiencies and profitability. We hope we can help by providing sound strategies based on reliable, actionable qualitative and quantitative data.”

About Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research, Inc.
Synergy Marketing Strategy & Research, Inc. is a full-service marketing strategy and marketing research firm focusing on Stakeholder Relationship Management and building stakeholder trust. Synergy delivers strategy and research solutions to Fortune 500 corporations, major universities, nonprofit agencies and national, state, and local governments. With its beautiful focus group facilities in Fairlawn, Ohio, Synergy is quickly becoming the research firm of choice for organizations in northeast Ohio and across the U.S.

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givingAKRON, Ohio. Synergy International Limited, Inc., the Fairlawn, Ohio-based marketing consulting firm, will donate 5% of its profits during the month of May to the Myanmar relief effort. Rachel Daniel, president of Synergy, announced the company’s intentions following the devastating cyclone that struck Myanmar in early May

“We are devistated. Our prayers are with the families in this time of need,” says Daniel. “Donations will be made through the WorldVision Cyclone Nargis relief effort.” WorldVision has already delivered 35 metric tons of rice to cyclone-ravaged areas, along with 18,000 liters of drinking water and diesel fuel to allow generator pumps to continue to pump water. Clothing, blankets and tarpaulins have also been distributed to people living in and around the city of Yangon.The United Nations estimates that at least 1.5 million people in Myanmar have been severely affected by the cyclone and are in need of food and shelter.

Daniel encourages other small businesses in Northeast Ohio, and around the U.S., to help the relief effort in some way. “We are the heart and soul of business in this country. It will be great to see a groundswell of help from small business owners in this effort.”

To learn more about Synergy, visit http://www.synergycem.com. To learn more about WorldVision, visit http://www.worldvision.org.

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