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givingAKRON, Ohio. Synergy International Limited, Inc., the Fairlawn, Ohio-based marketing consulting firm, will donate 5% of its profits during the month of May to the Myanmar relief effort. Rachel Daniel, president of Synergy, announced the company’s intentions following the devastating cyclone that struck Myanmar in early May

“We are devistated. Our prayers are with the families in this time of need,” says Daniel. “Donations will be made through the WorldVision Cyclone Nargis relief effort.” WorldVision has already delivered 35 metric tons of rice to cyclone-ravaged areas, along with 18,000 liters of drinking water and diesel fuel to allow generator pumps to continue to pump water. Clothing, blankets and tarpaulins have also been distributed to people living in and around the city of Yangon.The United Nations estimates that at least 1.5 million people in Myanmar have been severely affected by the cyclone and are in need of food and shelter.

Daniel encourages other small businesses in Northeast Ohio, and around the U.S., to help the relief effort in some way. “We are the heart and soul of business in this country. It will be great to see a groundswell of help from small business owners in this effort.”

To learn more about Synergy, visit http://www.synergycem.com. To learn more about WorldVision, visit http://www.worldvision.org.


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