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James T. KearneySynergyBlog takes a moment of pride to introduce you to Rachel’s 102-year old grandfather, James Kearney.

Grandpa Kearney is definitely the light of his family’s life. As he raised his 18 children, the Arkansas sharecropper had very little money, but a whole lot of spirit! Even though his family faced numerous racial challenges and had few resources, he raised the family with love and honor to God. Values they will never forget.

All of Grandpa Kearney’s children, except one, has completed college (many at Ivy League schools, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Vanderbilt). Several of them are attorneys.

Grandpa believed in God and education. He and Grandma Kearney believed that what’s in your soul and what’s in your mind would ultimately be the great equalizer in America. And they were right.

If you have a moment, please listen here: James T. Kearney on Tavis Smiley to dear Grandpa, as he celebrates the 100 Year Anniversary of the NAACP.


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