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Blackwater Iraqui Photo Blackwater Worldwide, known for the unfortunate 2007 Nisoor shootings which left tens of Iraquis dead, have embarked upon a re-branding effort to begin reputation repair. In shedding the old moniker for a new one, Xe (pronounced Zee), the hope is that the organization’s transgressions will be forgotten.

SynergyBlog can assure you, their transgressions will not be forgotten. However, if the organization truly has an interest in repairing its reputation, there are some steps that it can take to begin to repair the brand and rebuild trust.

First, it will take time. A lot of time. And it will require the stakeholders, including the Iraqi people, Americans whose reputations have also been tarnished by these acts, and the world community to be willing to forgive and willing to reconcile. (more…)


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